Types of care

Kirby Grange Care Home specialises in providing expert care for multiple and sometimes complex requirements for both elderly people and younger adults. Our wonderful team have many years of experience in the care sector and make every effort to deliver outstanding care to its residents. Kirby Grange aspires to be a home for life and we do our absolute utmost to look after every resident as their needs evolve.

The care and services that Kirby Grange provide are personalised for each resident in order to effectively support all individual needs and requirements. We believe in the importance of partnership and work closely with families to provide the best quality care and to offer support and guidance to loved ones.

Kirby Grange Private Care Home has very close relationships with healthcare professionals such as Community Nurses, GP’s, Opticians, Dentists and Occupational Therapists. All of our residents are offered regular checkups, have access to medical care 24/7 and regularly receive a complete review of medications. This ensures that prescriptions meet the residents’ exact needs at that point in time, keeping them happy and comfortable.

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