Kirby Grange facilities

Life at Kirby Grange Private Care Home provides the most wonderful community for our residents some of whom may have felt previously isolated before they moved into Kirby Grange. 

The Kirby Grange community offers a great welcome to our residents and provides physical, emotional and spiritual support. We also warmly welcome our residents’ families and friends to participate as part of the lovely community we have created at Kirby Grange and family events and celebrations are always welcome.

The Covid-19 safe care home

During the current Coronavirus pandemic, we want to assure you that we are committed to ensuring that we keep all our residents and staff as safe as possible. All of our residents have been vaccinated and we test all staff daily. It’s difficult to think of a safer place to be and we even managed to maintain ‘covid safe’ visiting through the lockdown.

As Government guidance has changed, we can now offer far more flexible visiting arrangements than hitherto allowed, whilst maintaining excellent Infection prevention and control. We do require that visits are booked in advance by using our online system. We have retained COVID-19 secure visiting rooms show that in the unlikely event of a COVID outbreak. We can still provide for safe visits. Irrespective and in any circumstances where a resident is seriously unwell, we will do whatever we can to facilitate a face-to-face visit and in such circumstances, we ask that you please contact the Registered Manager to agree on an appropriate course of action.

We are ensuring that visits from other groups of people such as suppliers, contractors (e.g. plumbers, electricians) etc a well-controlled and every person has to be tested on entry.

You will have seen the excellent news that the NHS is currently offering additional booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to people most at risk from coronavirus. Care home residents should start to receive those from 21st March 2022. Here at Field House, we are actively supporting our residents and staff who want to remain up to date with vaccinations and boosters so that they can do so at the earliest possible opportunity. We are working hard with our local authorities and GP’s to ensure this happens as safely and as smoothly as possible.

Throughout all of this, I do want to assure you that our wonderful staff are doing everything they possibly can to make sure that residents have the best possible quality of life. Equally, we are taking a number of actions to help make sure our staff and their families are supported so they can continue to provide great care through what will continue to be challenging times.

In each home, we have devoted even more resource into activities and improving the overall wellbeing of residents and we would invite you to see some of the wonderful pictures on each home’s Facebook page! We also have free access to Wi-Fi and phones throughout the home, so relatives and residents can video/phone call each other 24/7.

I would like to assure you that we continue to closely follow and comply with all the instructions and guidance from Public Health authorities to ensure that we keep our residents and staff safe.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the home’s Registered Manager.

Thank you in advance for your patience and support – together we will continue to do everything possible to ensure the safety and health of all our residents.

Best Wishes

Geoff Butcher

CEO Blackadder Corporation

(owner of Evendine HouseField HouseHolmer Manor, Kirby Grange, Northleach Court and Park House care homes)

Specialist care

All of our staff at Kirby Grange are trained to a top standard and are highly experienced in caring for the elderly, especially those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Beautiful gardens

Kirby Grange also has an enclosed garden which provides a secure, peaceful and sheltered area for residents to enjoy being outdoors, fresh air and the associated sensual experiences.

Community areas

We always aim to provide a comfortable and safe environment for our residents to live in, offering a warm and friendly welcome, with cosy and inviting communal spaces. We have recently opened a corner shop inside the home where residents can purchase newspapers, fruit, books, greeting cards and snacks or simply go to relax and enjoy reading a book. 

A welcoming ‘home from home’ environment

Life at Kirby Grange Private Care Home provides the most wonderful community for our residents.

Committed and proficient

We ensure that all of our staff members are highly skilled and qualified in what they do. We recognise the importance of continual professional development and provide staff with regular training to further enhance their knowledge and skills. Our excellent care team work closely with the same residents to provide continuity of care. This also helps our care team gain a greater understanding of each resident as an individual, in addition to becoming familiar with their needs.

Free dining for friends and family

We can always cater for meals with the residents if you would just like to join your loved one for a meal.

No strict visiting times

There are no set visiting times, allowing for flexibility and freedom; you can come and visit residents in their home at Kirby Grange whenever you wish.

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