Wellbeing and activities

At Kirby Grange, we strive to keep our residents happy, stimulated, active and enjoying their life with us; we believe that ensuring our residents are having fun on a daily basis is of the highest importance – it is important that our residents have the opportunity to take part in activities especially ones they really enjoy and relate to.

We understand that everyone has different, individual interests and capabilities, and so the team at Kirby Grange Private Care Home provides a wide range of different activities, providing something for everybody.

Our activities

At Kirby Grange, some of our activities involve exercise, the benefits of which are clear and we also like to offer enjoyable arts and crafts activities, too. The main activities that we offer are:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Exercise
  • Walks
  • Outings & Visits
  • Live entertainment – visiting singers, specialist theatre companies
  • One-to-one & Group sessions
  • Bingo – a firm favourite with our residents!

Reliving memories

Wherever possible activities are provided based on our resident’s previous hobbies and interests in order to stimulate memories.

We also encourage every resident to try something new, and often they discover new interests and hobbies along the way! Through combining old interests and hobbies with new ideas, we find that our residents experience maximum enjoyment from the daily activities with us at Kirby Grange.

The weekly activities timetables are designed by our staff, offering residents plenty of opportunity to socialise, make new friends at Kirby Grange, and feel a real sense of community.

Personalised care services

At Kirby Grange, all care plans are bespoke and custom tailored to our resident’s individual needs. We very much encourage the family of our residents to participate in developing and writing these care plans with us, and also frequently reviewing the plans with a view to improving and refining them as an ongoing process.

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