Debunking Common Private Care Home Myths

Negative public exposure may contribute to the reputation of care homes being affected. However, it’s vital not to take everything you read in the media at face value, since there are always several wonderful and heartwarming stories behind every bit of bad publicity.

Liam Palmer, the author and registered care home manager, debunks some popular misconceptions about care homes in a great article here.

In his article, Liam raises some valid concerns, and we feel it’s critical to continue the conversation and explain how we handle some frequent care home misconceptions at our Private care home, Kirby Grange.

Myth 1 – Relatives put their loved ones into a private care home because they don’t care for them

In reality, this is usually not the case. Typically, family members choose to put their loved ones into a care facility with the aim of improving their quality of life. Usually, residential care is sought when there is a substantial risk to the health or well-being of a person by remaining at home. We see time and time again that the choice is not taken lightly, and our knowledgeable and compassionate staff are there to help family members at every stage of the process.

At our private care home in Leicester, we strive to make our residents feel completely at ease and to allow family members to visit when they are able thanks to our unrestricted visiting hours. We make it possible for families to enjoy time together by arranging events like family gatherings or barbecues/picnics in the garden. We also provide family and friends with the option of taking our residents out for the day to spend quality time with them in a new setting.

Myth 2 – Mental and physical health declines when people go into care homes

At Kirby Grange we seek to enhance mobility and social interactions for our clients through a variety of stimulating activities, such as singing, games, hobbies, visits from entertainers, and trips to local attractions. We know how vital a balanced diet is for general health and well-being, therefore we feel that all of our residents should eat nutritious and delicious food as part of a healthy diet.

We encourage our residents to take care of themselves, drink plenty of water, and to consider their nutrition (with a gentle approach). Positive health and wellness beliefs, combined with standardised medication times and close links to healthcare professionals, allow us to frequently observe a resident’s health improvements when they join our private care home in Leicestershire.

Myth 3 – Private care home operators are driven by greed and put profit before the well-being of residents

Kirby Grange residential care home in Leicester is a family-owned and managed care home that aims to deliver exceptional care for each resident based on their unique requirements. We are dedicated to providing excellent care and ensuring that our residents are happy and fulfilled at all times, ensuring a safe, loving, and caring home for life. We as a team want the very best for each resident in our care, and their well-being is always our number one priority.

We operate in the care industry simply because we want to help people.

Myth 4 – Private care home fees are unrealistically expensive

When it comes to costs, we want to be as clear and helpful as possible. We realise that paying for care isn’t simple, and we understand that financial situations can change quickly and unpredictably. We are very open about all of our costs and you can view them all here:

We charge a fee based on two variables; accommodation expenses, and the cost of care. Accommodation expenses relate to the size of the room and the facilities. They include furnishings, bed linens and towels, heat, light and power, cleaning and laundry services, meals, unlimited beverages, and property maintenance. The cost of care is determined on a case-by-case basis and takes into account the particular personal requirements of each resident.

Myth 5 – All older people are kind and patient

In our experience, this is usually true! However, there may be times when a resident has an underlying health condition or irritant they are unaware of that causes them to act in an unpleasant or even violent manner.

At Kirby Grange Dementia care home in Leicester, we specialise in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care, which means we fully understand the challenges that these illnesses can cause, as well as the consequences they may have on both our residents and their loved ones.

We take pride in collaborating with the families of our residents, health care providers, and specialists in the community to develop customised individualised care plans that provide a resident with a secure and safe environment. Our highly skilled staff are experienced and qualified, always providing love and care to a resident in a way that is most suitable for them.


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