Care Home or home care - which is best?

Sometimes, the care that you and your family provide may not be sufficient for your loved one. It is at that point that you could ask yourself, which is best… Care Home or Home Care?

This is a difficult question, especially when there’s so much to consider, such as safety, access to healthcare services, and 24-hour assistance, just to mention a few.

Breaking down a big decision into smaller, digestible comparisons, might make the choice between a Care Home and Home Care much easier for you.

What you need to consider


At Kirby Grange, professional chefs prepare excellent meals using fresh ingredients every day. There are several choices available, each of which is tasty and nutritionally balanced. Between-meal drinks and snacks are provided as well!

When you hire in-home care, you are responsible for feeding your loved ones. Coordination with the caregiver on dietary needs, maintaining hydration, and possibly making use of food delivery services, might be difficult.

Health Monitoring

Regular check-ups on critical vital signs are provided by Care Homes. These might include anything from skin concerns to routine weight monitoring. We always have a dedicated team of attentive personnel on hand who will get to know your loved one and be aware of an individual treatment plan. Any issues that may arise will be swiftly identified and addressed as needed. If our staff believe a trip to see health professionals off-site is needed, they will organise it in advance, and offer any further assistance as required.

When you employ a home care agency, the most significant consideration is that your loved one’s care is still your responsibility. Some caregivers will be inexperienced and ill-informed about your loved one’s personal and medical issues, which may lead to crucial health concerns being overlooked.

Specialist Care

Every Care Home is prepared to deal with any unforeseen problems that may arise. This might include injuries, and in such a situation, we have rapid access to local medical experts and hospitals if required. We assist with all types of frequent medical care as well as any emergency situations. We also have access to specialists, including occupational therapists, dementia specialists, and more.

Finding expert care from home is often very costly and rarely includes the full support that you require. Finding specialist advice on delicate situations might be tough, depending on where you live.

General Safety

Falls are a common risk among senior citizens. These common accidents make up 58% of one-year mortality rates in the elderly. As a result, prevention is a top priority for us and all care homes. By focusing on monitoring and providing extra assistance to those who need it, offering suitable exercises, and by utilising our own specialised equipment that is not readily accessible in Home Care, we significantly reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring in the first place.

If there is an accident at your loved one’s home, the caregiver would not be able to assist until the next time they visited. On top of this, the care that they could provide may not be sufficient, and they will likely not have care equipment with them.

Familiarity of surroundings

It is important to consider your loved one’s surroundings when deciding on their care. In Care Homes, you will be able to bring your most treasured personal items and personalise your room to make it feel like home.

There is no place like home. Your loved one will feel most at home with home care, but a change at this stage may be worthwhile in the long run, and a good thing for your loved one.

Friendship and Company

It can seem like an eternity to wait alone for a relative or caregiver to arrive. We all enjoy spending time with our friends, neighbours, and family, but these encounters might be rare. At a care facility, residents may engage in various activities with one another or simply talk to different and interesting new friends. There are many such individuals who live at Kirby Grange, as well as our kind carers, so there are plenty of people here to enjoy your time with.

Wellbeing and Activities

Residents of Kirby Grange may participate in a variety of exciting activities. All of our facilities are available to our residents at Kirby Grange, and the activities on offer include live performances, arts and crafts, and more. We are dedicated to providing a great ongoing set of experiences for our guests.

In-home care, activities must be carefully planned and organised; this is generally done by the individual’s family because home caregivers seldom have the time or experience.


Every Care home will have a range of room types, with various pricing and pricing strategies to select from. Each space should feel distinct to the individual, and we welcome personal belongings and mementoes. Every area is well maintained, and kept to the highest possible standards, just like our public areas.

Support for the family

We don’t just support our residents, but also their families. We endeavour to be available at any time while you visit, and we are also available to chat over the phone, or via email. Families and friends are always welcome to visit. Our robust and successful infection control measures have allowed us to continue with visits.

In Home care, recreational visits are often spontaneous, as is the assistance you will provide your loved one. A caregiver will not have as much time to properly discuss an important issue, potentially leaving them unresolved.


The average pricing for Care Homes in the UK can range anywhere from £750-£1500 per week. This includes all dietary requirements, activities, specialised and standard care, and more. 

Home Care fees are very location dependent, averaging at about £20 per hour, not including all other costs of home maintenance, which can quickly add up.

For full-time care, the rate charged by in-home care agencies are far higher than the care home alternative.

In Care Homes, the average hourly rate can be as low as £5 per hour, compared to £20 per hour charged by Home Caregivers. This is due to the economy of scale presented by larger buildings with shared communal areas. Many people are astonished by this reversal, thinking it should be the other way around.

Covid Safety

All of our employees are tested every day, as well as all of our other safety procedures, which have been meticulously planned, discussed and implemented.

This is not an option for Home Care and ensuring it is nearly impossible. Because the virus is highly contagious, everyone your Home Care assistant comes into direct contact with could pass the virus on to them, then onto your loved one.

Care homes have always been the safer option.

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